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2021 Move-a-thon Recap!

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Thank you Squirrel Squad!

Beautiful weather, a ton of enthusiasm, and great community participation made for another fantastic SPE Move-A-Thon!

What fun it was to be back running on our playground again this year! On a classic November day threatening rain, we enjoyed sun breaks from the beginning and our final group finished right before it opened up again. Full of excitement and looking confident in their Move-A-Thon t-shirts, our little squirrels put up an amazing effort. All together they ran, jogged, walked and rolled for 1,805 laps! That is a lot of tally marks to make. Thanks so much to parents, family members, teachers and staff who showed up to volunteer, mark shirts, and cheer on our squirrels. Loved seeing classrooms of squirrels lining up with signs to cheer on one another, too. Our wonderful community members who couldn't be there in person were definitely there in spirit, because the entire Squirrel Squad stepped up this year and exceeded our fundraising goals by a wide margin! Standing ovation to all!

At twenty minutes per group, this was our longest Move-A-Thon ever - a whole hour of masking up and healthy moving!

Top lap counts by grade were:

K- Hiyab & Ethan

1st - Ty, Julian, Ryan, Donovan, Jonathan & Royalty

2nd- Mezmur, Emery & Coco

3rd - Avi, Leighton & Ayla

4th - Mersan & Riley

5th - Winslow & Sydney

Thanks again to our awesome sponsors!

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