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Thank you, Principal Pearl!

October is National Principals Month, and we want to give a shout out to Ms. Katie Pearl, our new Sand Point principal! She's been here for only a short time but has already made a large impact.

When asked about Ms. Pearl, staff said:

"Katie is a strong leader in so many ways, but I think the most important quality of her is her love of students and dedication to creating the best learning environment at SPE to launch our little squirrels into all the opportunities of their hopes and dreams."

"Katie doesn't wait for things to change, she works to find sustainable solutions to create change in ways that impact our most vulnerable learners."

"Principal Pearl has been incredibly supportive of every member of our school community. She is focused on creating a community centered in support, love, and equity."

"Her ability to be seen in all settings supporting students and staff creates an environment that promotes students first decision making while supporting the staff and students' needs."

Thank you, Ms. Pearl, for your love and dedication to our students, school staff, and


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