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SPE PTA General Membership
Sign-up Form

Annual dues $20/person
waiver available

You have questions,
we have answers!

  • If I was a SPE PTA general member in the past, do I need to sign up again?

Yes! All members need to re-up every year to keep their membership active.

  • What does the $20 annual fee go towards?

Half goes towards the City, State, and National PTAs to keep our organization in good standing, and half goes towards our general fund to support Sand Point!

  • If I join, do I have to attend a bunch of PTA meetings?

No! There is no obligation to attend any meetings. But you will be very welcome to attend them - whether you have ideas or concerns to share, or just want to stay better informed. You'd also get to vote on important plans and review and vote on the annual budget!

  • What is the commitment?

There is no set commitment at all! You can be as active as you want to be, or just a supporter of our kids and teachers, cheering on from the sidelines. Take part in the activities you want to!

  • So why join?

You should join because your family is an integral part of the Sand Point community and we want everyone to be included! SPE is a small school and our strong sense of community is one of our greatest strengths!

  • Do I need to pay $20 to be a PTA member?

Not at all! We don't want the annual dues to dissuade anyone from joining the PTA. We'd much rather have your voice and participation in the room. If the fee feels like a burden, please join first, and skip the payment part! Your fee will be waived.

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